The Solution is to filter out harmful contaminants & Chlorine before it absorbs through breathing it in or through the skin

And that is exactly what The Life Ionizers®  Shower Filter does



About Life Ionizers®

Life Ionizers® designs and manufactures the highest quality water related products in existence. As the foremost creator of these products, we are proud to be family-owned and operated. We are grateful to our many customers for recognizing our efforts to provide the best products with the highest quality and fair prices.  This includes our new Life Shower Filter™. Combine that with the World’s best Lifetime Warranties on our top of the line products!

We’ve all probably had conversations about poor water quality and how it affects our hair and skin. A lot of research has been done globally on the effects of poor water on your hair and skin. People that have done research into hair and dermatological conditions confirm that hard water and Chlorine are are among the top causes of dry skin, hair loss, rashes and other skin conditions.


99% Chlorine Removal – GUARANTEED 

100% Healthier Hair & Skin 

100% Double Filters remove more contaminants  

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Superior High-Quality Design

Our Double Filter Shower Filters Guarantee 99% Chlorine Removal with Exclusive Vitamin C Ceramic Technology for Skin & Hair Lifetime Warranty on the Life Ionizer® Shower Filter


Outstanding Filtration Performance


Life Ionizers® built its reputation on High-Quality and Superior Performance Plus Lifetime Warranty

Exclusive Double Filter Design

Low-priced Polymer PP Cotton Filters. Reduce the load on your heavy-duty Composite Filter Super-efficient filtration drastically reduces contaminants and reduces 99% of chlorine.


Life Ionizers –

Why is Life Ionizers® Ranked So Highly?


The Life Ionizer® Team Provides the Highest Quality Service for the Best Water Ionizers in the World!

Testimonials from Professionals & People We Trust

Discover what makes Life Ionizers® and it related water products the top water products on the market with reviews from athletes, celebrities, doctors, customers and more. Email now and become one of our happy reviewers today!

Dr. Johnnie Ham |

“I am a strong believer in alkaline water. I have been using the Life Ionizer® 9100 for 6 months, and have seen incredible benefits. My whole family uses it every day, and we swear by it for a healthier lifestyle. I recommend alkaline water for all my patients, since I know first-hand the many benefits.”

Dr. Johnnie Ham | MD

Katy Freeman |

“I was introduced to ionized water about 8 months ago and it quickly became my body’s best friend. Since I have been drinking Ionized water, I have a greater sense of well-being and it’s the greatest gift I have given my body in a long time.”

Katy Freeman | Psychotherapist.

Tom Woloshyn |

“I highly recommend Life Ionizers® to anyone wanting to improve their health and well-being. Anyone looking to alkalize their water for drinking should consider a Life Ionizer®.”

Tom Woloshyn | Author of The Master Cleanse