What is Water Filtration? Why the Filtration is important?

Filtration is a process to remove the pathogens and to certain extent the colloidal particles or suspended impurities which have escaped in the first step, i.e. storage (storage is the first step of water purification). There are lots of pathogens (Viruses, Bacteria, Algae and fungi) and other harmful chemicals in water that need to be removed by filtration, otherwise you can get life threatening diseases.

Do you know what’s the relationship of the water with health?


Water is essential for digestion, regulation of body temperature, removal of the wastes from the body through tears, perspiration, urine and feces and for lubricating the joints.   Deficiency of water in the body causes dehydration, acidosis, shock, urinary tract infections, indigestion and constipation.   Vehicle for transmission of many communicable diseases like typhoid, diarrheal diseases, viral hepatitis A, poliomyelitis and other  Infection-producing germs that can lurk in water include Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which causes swimmer’s ear (an infection of the outer ear canal, known medically as otitis externa) and skin rash (dermatitis). Trachoma (Eye Infection) This infection is caused by bacterium Chlamydia Trachomatis that’s found in contaminated water. Trachoma results in a coarsening of the inner surface of the eyelids. This leads to pain in the eyes, lesion on the outer surface or cornea, and eventual blindness. Trachoma spreads because of poor sanitation and hygiene conditions. etc. Water also constitutes the breeding place for the mosquitoes, which transmit many diseases to human beings, like malaria, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis, dengue fever, etc.

Why is the chlorination important for water purification?


This is the process of disinfection of water by adding chlorine, as a final step in the purification of water following filtration.

This serves as a final barrier to the passage of any pathogenic organisms.

Chlorine is an effective as:

  • Disinfectant:

In appropriate concentration it destroys almost all the pathogens present in the water

  • Purifiest:

Destroying algae and fungi which produce bad odor and taste in the water.

  • Oxidizing agent:

Oxidizes the organic substances like excreta, sewage, ammoniacal substances iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide etc.

Availability of the Chlorine:

Chlorine is available in gaseous, liquid and solid forms .

Minimum Recommendation of free chlorine:-0.5mg/l for 1hr.


Household purification of water

Household purification of water is done by three methods—

  1. Physical
    • Boiling
    • Ozonation
    • U-V radiation
  2. Chemical 
    • Chlorine
    • Iodine
    • Potassium permanganate
  3. Mechanical
    • Various types of filter.

Shower Filters

What is the shower filter?

The shower filter is the water filter which is designed to filter the water used in showering. It may attach to the shower head, or to the pipes which connect to the shower, depending on design.

Why do we need shower filter?

Dry, itchy skin? Limp, lifeless hair? Soap scum or residue? If these are some of the side effects coming from your shower, then it’s no wonder you’re searching for an answer. For a quick fix, you really need to try a shower filter as a simple DIY solution.

Benefits of the shower filter:

The shower filter:

  • Reduces hair-fall

Additionally, the carbon layer of the filter helps in reducing chlorine -providing you the healthy water for hair and skin.

  • Prevents bacteria

Bacteria and other microbes often colonize your shower head and pose a health hazard.

Shower head without any filter: Colonized bacteria & other microbes in the shower head Shower head with filter
  • Prevents bad odor

This filter is effective in elimination of several odor causing compounds.

  • Protects skin

Dermal absorption of chlorine is known to aggravate existing skin conditions such as acne, eczema and sometimes leads to rashes in healthy skin.

Eczema Shower filter keeps your skin safe
  • Prevents lime scale

When water dries, these salts tend to buildup and form stubborn deposition your bathroom fittings, pipes and tiles.


l  Prevent Asthma and Allergy Attacks

  • Avoids the children’s diseases

A hot shower from unfiltered municipal water can cause damaging health effects to children.

In Belgium, a study was conducted to find out if there was a correlation between school children who spend time breathing the air in an indoor swimming pool and increase the chances of asthma.

The study found out that children who frequently play at the pool can have higher chances of developing juvenile asthma. In some cases, the symptoms they suffer are severe.

The research also confirms that the chlorine vapors can be harmful to a child’s respiratory system. Swimming in community pools or taking a shower at home can increase the chances of damaged epithelial tissue. This is the tissue that makes up the outer layer of the skin plus the insides of the lungs.

  • Stops respiratory infections

Shower heads contain bacterial colonies and when someone takes hot shower the bacteria in the water vapors get inhaled by lungs and these bacteria cause various respiratory infection.

  •  Reduces health risks

Vaporized and inhaled chlorine can damage the lungs. According to the Centers for Disease Control, those who like to take hot showers are more exposed to chlorine versus those who drink unfiltered tap water. This is because when the unfiltered water is heated, it turns to gas. When it becomes gas, the skin can absorb it, and even the lungs can inhale it.  

Types of Shower Filters

There are various shower filters on the market today. However, the popular ones are the Life Ionizer Shower Filter with Superior Activated Carbon plus Vitamin C Ceramic Block Technology, and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) filtration system. There are also the two-stage filter systems and carbon filters. Find out more below:

Carbon Shower Filter- Unlike other shower filters, this one is an affordable method of filtration because the activated carbon is the basic
media and not the Superior Activated Carbon Filtration use by Life Ionizer Shower Filters.

While the inferior carbon’s effectiveness in removing chemicals from the bath water can be incompetent. This is because it can be affected by heat. Once the water that is being filtered reaches a certain temperature, it will negate the activated carbon and make it useless.

KDF Filters: (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) filters which use copper and zinc to electrochemically change the structure of chlorine so that it becomes harmless.

One disadvantage of using KDF, they don’t filter chloramines. It is also unsuccessful in low-pressure showers.

Two-Stage Filters: This type of filter can remove chlorine and other chemicals. Furthermore, it can improve the pH balance of the water.

The first stage commonly employs granular copper and zinc to filter chemicals and chlorine. Meanwhile, the second stage uses Superior Activated Carbon to finally remove additional pollutants.  

Vitamin C Filters: The Vitamin C filters, along with a Superior Activated Carbon, can filter out 99% of the chloride found in the water. Meanwhile, other filters can only filter about 20% or more.

This type of filter can eliminate sediment and chloramines. It uses an ascorbic acid tube, and it interacts with chloramines and chlorine and neutralizes them.

Vitamin C filters are expensive, and the filters don’t last a long time unless they use a pre-filter. The Life Ionizer Shower Filter uses
a Polymer PP Cotton Filter which is low in cost and is changed every month or two. This dramatically increases the life of the Composite Shower Filter with the Vitamin C Ceramic Technology, which is the heart of the Life Ionizer Shower Filter. Using this dual-filter technology increases the life up to 13,000 gallons before the main filter needs to be changed.

Do you want to shower in healthy water?

Do you want healthy hair & fresh skin?

If yes! Life Ionizer shower should be your choice

Life Ionizer® Shower Filter:

Life Ionizer® Shower Filter cleans the water. It removes all kind of bacteria & other microbes; it eliminates the several odor causing compounds and it removes 99% 0f chlorine from water – Guaranteed!

Why the life Ionizer® Shower Filter is the best option?

Life Ionizer® Shower Filter is a super shower filter because it combines
all the best components plus it has Vitamin C Ceramic Block Technology.

It consists of:

  • Double filters (Polymer PP Cotton Filter and a Composite Filter)
  • Vitamin C Ceramic Block Technology
  • Superior high-quality Activated Carbon Fiber
  • Replaceable PP cotton filter characteristic
  • Electronic replacement filter reminder
  • Chrome plating
  • Transparent visual ring

And other characteristics include,

  • Outstanding filtration performance
  • Easy to install
  • Guaranteed 99% Chlorine Removal
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Life Ionizer® Shower Filter body
  1. Double filters (Polymer PP cotton filter and composite filter):

Life Ionizer shower with double filters for extra protection removes 99% of chlorine and other chemicals.

  1. Vitamin C ceramic block:

Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration technology neutralizes harmful chlorine & most chloramines. These are disinfectants that are commonly found in drinking water. The advantage of Vitamin C Ceramic Block is, It removes chlorine and improves The Condition of Your Skin and Hair, PLUS you get the benefits of one of Earth’s most powerful antioxidants – Vitamin C!

  • First class high-quality Activated Carbon Fiber:

First class high quality carbon fibre is extremely effective for removing contaminants and odors. Scientific tests proved that 99% removal of chlorine is guaranteed.

  99% removal of chlorine  

  • Replaceable Polymer PP Cotton Filter characteristic:

Polymer PP cotton filter extends composite filter life. The water flow slows down after the filter is clogged). Every 1-2 months remove the existing Polymer PP cotton filter and replace the new PP cotton filter for optimal results (no need to change the whole filter setup, just replace the old Polymer PP Cotton Filter with a new one.

  • Electronic display:
  • Electronic filter reminder (replacement reminder) :

It reminds when to replace the filter.

  • Chrome plating:

Chrome plating make it more attractive, resistant against dirt and increase its durability.

  • Transparent visual ring:

You can monitor the filter condition through transparent visual ring.

  • Outstanding filtration performance:
  • Easy to install:


By using shower filters, such as the Life Ionizer® Shower Filter, it can remove chemicals and bacteria that may be in the water. It can decrease the risk of adverse health effects on the body. Indeed, shower filters can make the water safe and clean.

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