Should You Shower Using Filtered Water?

How contaminants, toxins, and chlorine make for a combination that is unhealthy for you and your skin.

For the average person, a shower is as simple as soaping up under running water and calling it a day. For some, that’s all they really need. However, everyone, not just the health-conscious among the population, can benefit from showering using filtered water. When you think of filtering water, you think of attachments you put on your sink faucet to filter contaminants, but did you know there are benefits to using a shower filter when taking a shower as well?

Filtering Water

Many don’t know that water in many populated areas is treated with chlorine. External exposure to chlorine has been linked to a number of different health issues. Chlorine dries your scalp which leads to skin flakes, otherwise known as dandruff. The dry scalp also causes dry and brittle hair. Some may even experience hair loss due to how dry and weakened hair becomes due to too much chlorine exposure. Chlorine’s intentions are good as it removes bacteria from water. This makes chlorine the lesser of two evils. However, too much exposure to chlorine still does a number on your body. Unfortunately, chlorine doesn’t remove all the toxins and contaminants in the water, so some still get through. Is there a way to filter, not only these contaminants but the chlorine used to treat them as well?

Shower Filters

The only way to ensure that the water touching your skin and hair is mostly free of contaminants and chlorine is to use a shower filter. However, not just any normal shower filter will do. You’ll want to use a double filtration shower filter. Why double filtration? One filter removes the larger contaminants which make the main filter, that removes the smaller contaminants from the water, last longer. Plus the shower filter also has an exclusive Vitamin C Ceramic Technology in the core to take care of the chloramine. This combination is lab tested and will ensure you have the healthiest skin and hair when undergoing your daily shower routine.

Plus you won’t be breathing in the harmful chlorine fumes nor absorbing it through your skin
pores that have expanded from the hot shower water.

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