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Become healthy by transforming your tap water into alkaline, antioxidant-rich water! The Pitcher of LIFE uses Advanced Activated Carbon Technology in the filter to address harmful toxins like chlorine. It also adds beneficial alkaline minerals, like calcium, magnesium, potassium and more. The filter also creates age-fighting antioxidant potential by adding an extra hydrogen electron to the H2O. Alkaline water from the Pitcher of LIFE is superior to bottled alkaline water because when the water is generated by the Pitcher of Life, it creates water with antioxidant benefits. The alkalizing filter in the Pitcher of LIFE generates about two (2) months of healthy, filtered drinking water before you should change the filter.

The Pitcher of LIFE generates alkaline water with a pH of between 8 and 9 or more, depending on the source water used. It also charges your water with antioxidant Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Tap water can be oxidative so it provides no protection from free radicals that can damage your DNA and your body’s cells!

Bottled water can also contain toxins like BPA and other phthalates that are leached from the plastic bottles they are stored in, and even worse when exposed to sun. The cost per gallon of less healthy bottled alkaline water is much more than the freshly generated healthy alkaline water produced by The Pitcher of LIFE.
The Pitcher of LIFE is guaranteed for Life and is 100% BPA Free!


Great for travel! This pitcher was designed to make healthy alkaline water for people who want to enjoy the benefits of alkaline water while on the go. While they are convenient, alkalizing pitchers can’t match the power of our LIFE Ionizers home water ionizers. Soak for 30 minutes in water but for best, optimized performance soak in water for 8 hours before use.

These pitchers will produce a moderate pH and moderate negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP) levels. A negative ORP level means the water works as an antioxidant. Regular water has a positive ORP, which means it is an oxidant which could create damaging free radicals in your body!

The Pitcher of Life and the Dr. Life Vortex Water Optimizer are great when you’re away from home, but they don’t match the pH, nor the high negative ORP levels recommended for optimal health results.

Despite not being as powerful as our home ionizers, they make great-tasting water that is far superior to any water you would buy in a store. Bottled water contains toxins like BPA and doesn’t offer any of the health benefits of antioxidant-rich alkaline water.

Life Ionizers – we offer you great water….even when you are away from home!

Alkalizes and Mineralizes:

Increases antioxidant level (negative ORP) to neutralize free radicals and DNA damage while increasing the pH of drinking water from the tap to a range of about 9 to 10 (alkaline) has many health benefits attributed to raising the pH level in the body to a more alkaline state that optimizes the body’s health. The Pitcher of LIFE adds beneficial Calcium and Magnesium to the water while also increasing the water’s ORP (antioxidant level).

Tastes Great

The pitcher’s filter has been tested and certified by the Pony International Testing Group for chlorine reduction and improved water taste/odor.

NOTE: Use white vinegar to clean mineral build-up

**During normal use, you may notice a small number of fine black particles in the water; these particles are called carbon fines. All Granular Activated Carbon filters (GAC) will release a small amount of carbon fines during use. Carbon fines are safe to consume, they are made of charcoal, which is used medicinally to absorb toxic material from the body.

NOTE: Use white vinegar to clean mineral build-up


As a courtesy, we send out an email reminder to change your filters every two months (or 40 gallons). The Pitcher of Life is under a full one (1) year – on parts and labor. We hope you enjoy the great health benefits of purified, alkaline mineral water for you and your Family!


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